white-and-green-sa-pedro-de-atacama-tour-uyuni-full-day-01 white-and-green-sa-pedro-de-atacama-tour-uyuni-full-day-02Train Cementery, Colchani, Salt Hotel, Uyuni Salt Flat.

Excursion start time: 09:00 am

Vehicle (Jeep 4×4), 
Lunch and drinks (water and juice) during meals.

Park fees are paid directly by the passenger, alcoholic drinks.

This tour begins visiting the first tourist site called Train Cemetery in Uyuni, where there are several old abandoned machines that gives glimpses of the modern history of this part of Bolivia, when mining was booming in this region.

Later we go to the small town of Colchani where observe the traditional process and extraction of salt for consumption throughout Bolivia. That is their main livelihood economic of most of people.

The moment you enter the Uyuni Salt Flat you will learn about the geological and natural characteristics of this unique place, for instance, there is a place called Ojos de Sal where you can appreciate an amazing show thanks to the chemical reaction of minerals with the Volcano Tunupa groundwater that create bubbles.

On the way to the middle of the salt lake is seen a hotel that is built entirely of salt blocks (Hotel Playa Blanca), until reaching the Incahuasi Island. There, we will have lunch. This Island is home to huge cactus and it is a great spot to enjoy spectacular views of the Uyuni Salt Flat 360 °. Then we return to Uyuni in the afternoon.

* In the rainy season (November to March) is sometimes not possible to access the heart of salt because it is flooded. The good thing about this season is that to see the reflection of the world’s largest mirror that creates the water, being definitely surreal. And you could say it is the best time to take unforgettable photographs.

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