white and green san pedro de atacama blog viajero responsableHow can you be a responsible traveler?

Every time you make plans for your vacation you have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the places you visit. Everyone can be a responsible traveler, no matter what kind of trip you decide to embark. You can contact with nature, go after a luxury spa, a jungle hike, explore the city, visit classic destinations, or just go out of the ordinary. Through social use and environmentally responsible tour operators, hotels and suppliers, you can ensure that your trip contributes to conservation of designated areas and well-being of communities. Your choice makes a difference.

Responsible travel begins with planning. informed decisions …

What does sustainable tourism?

white and green san pedro de atacama blog viajero responsable

Sustainable tourism has a number of benefits for travelers. For starters, it provides a pleasant travel experience through meaningful and conscious interaction with the local population and the natural world; Not to mention, you are given the opportunity to stay in cottages smaller with a local touch that are both locally owned and operated. It also means trying local cuisine and learn local customs along the way and travel in small groups and explore the national parks, nature reserves and sensitive areas of culture with a local guide. Finally, it means asking the right questions:

What is a sustainable traveler?

Whether traveling alone or travel arrangements for others, remember that land is our

white and green san pedro de atacama blog viajero responsable

land. Give the care and respect it deserves, learn about their environment and geography, spend time getting to know its people and its art, culture, history and livelihood. While getting pleasure, knowledge and understanding of their meetings, keep closing the importance of preserving these treasures for those who may follow.

Responsible travel is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world, providing 10 percent of the world’s income and employing …

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