This is the Amazon as it should be. Rich in wildlife, flora and indigenous culture, you may never want to leave this place. In the middle of the tropical forest exuberance is the charming town of Rurrenabaque, an important meeting place of tourist . Pampas, jungle and ethno-ecotourism options are innumerable here, but vary considerably in quality and price.

Madidi National Park, one of the most precious natural jewels of South America and the world, is located at the gates of Rurrenabaque. Rurre relaxing, (pronounced zussay), as the city is affectionately known, it has a dreamy environment. Cut by the deep Beni River and surrounded by green mossy hills, the city’s fascinating sunsets turn the sky of a burnt orange, and a dense fog sneaks through the river among the leafy and moist trees. Once night falls, the jungle that surrounds it fills with life, and croaking, barking, humming and roaring can be heard from a distance.

Rurre is an important commuter base. Backpackers fill the streets and restaurants, cafes and hotels mainly cater to Western tastes. Some travelers spend their days off in hammocks everywhere, but most go by boat for jungle adventures. The native peoples of the area, the Tacana, were one of the few lowland tribes that resisted Christianity. They are responsible for the name of Beni, which means wind, as well as the curious name of Rurrenabaque, which is derived from Arroyo Inambaque, the Castilian version of the name Tacana Suse-Inambaque, the Barranco de los Patos.

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